Praise For Bob and Jed

“…Relevant Topics…”

“Great learning and development! Perfect length to listen to on the drive into or back from work. Relevant topics and delivered with an easy-going style.”

“…Minimal Jargon…”

“As a recently promoted manager I have looked far and wide for useful, practical and applicable management advice. This fits the bill each and every time with minimal jargon, and presents the topics in an interesting way.”

“… Great Sense of Humor…”

“These guys are top notch. Very good counsel delivered with a great sense of humor.”

“…Easy To Understand…”

“You provide great information and views in a very easy to understand and laid back way.”


“Highly entertaining and very informative/insightful. Thanks!”

“…Informative, But With Just Enough Humor…”

“The issues discussed are delivered in a manner that’s not only informative, but with just enough humor to make typical dry business topics more than just palatable, it’s entertaining.”

“…The Easiest Way To Give Yourself a Little Career Development…”

“Jed and Bob have a relaxed delivery that takes a subject matter that is often dry, and makes it entertaining. Definitely the easiest way to give yourself a little career development during your commute.”


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